Cartesian Solutions brings support to businesses, government agencies, health plans, and accountable provider systems

In order for businesses, government agencies, health plans, and accountable provider systems to financially support or deliver value-based programs for their constituencies, bold core changes are needed in the way that they do business.  An important part of these changes involves transition from segregated support and delivery of behavioral health services to a health care environment in which behavioral health becomes just a part of total health.  By doing so, it will be possible to reverse treatment non-response and stabilize the health of many patients with the most challenging health problems while lowering total health care costs.

Cartesian Solutions, Inc.  helps clients:

  • Introduce value-added and sustainable behavioral health (behavioral health includes both mental health and substance use disorders) services into medical settings,
  • Deploy adult and pediatric integrated medical and behavioral case management programs,
  • Reverse high health care service use by those with complex comorbid conditions through programs that improve and stabilize their health, and
  • Develop the vision of an integrated medical and behavioral financially sustainable “value-based” future with the transition steps needed to make it a reality for their constituencies.


Employers are beleaguered by the escalating cost of health care for employees but also by the need to maintain employee health and workplace productivity in order to be competitive in their markets. Cartesian Solutions, Inc.™ provides businesses with new, economically advantageous ways to use employer-sponsored self-insured and/or purchased employee insurance products and assist services to drive down total health claims while improving access to and outcomes from combined medical and behavioral health benefits.

Government Agencies

Local, state, and federal government agencies have the unenviable task of creating affordable health programs for society’s most vulnerable and health challenged populations. Further, they must do this on limited budgets and with restricted provider networks. Cartesian Solutions, Inc.™ has experience in connecting clinical programs that routinely deliver behavioral health care in medical settings with public program payment procedures that allow efficient health resource use and maximize financial sustainability.

Health Plans

Many medical health plans now realize that consolidating medical and behavioral benefits and business practices into single insurance packages could substantially reduce total claims costs but few have the internal expertise to do so. Cartesian Solutions, Inc.™ has extensive experience in integrated medical and behavioral health plan contracting and claims adjudication.  This enables it to provide health plans with a vision and the transition steps needed to create new and innovative value-based insurance products.

Accountable Provider Systems

Provider systems (hospitals, clinics, health professionals) are now accountable for health and cost outcomes of the populations they serve; yet they are forced to fragment medical and behavioral services for their most complicated high need patients. Cartesian Solutions, Inc.™ has over 20 years experience assisting with transition from segregated to financially sustainable outcome-driven value-based clinical programs that incorporate behavioral health care as part of “total health” in medical settings.

What Cartesian Solutions, Inc.™ Offers

Services to help you:

  • Deploying Integrated Case Management (ICM) Programs

    Cartesian Solutions, Inc. customizes deployment of assist and support services, otherwise known as “care coordination” or “case management,” in multiple client venues so that case managers trained in adult or pediatric cross-disciplinary case management (ICM) work in environments in which work processes and reward systems maximize health improvement and cost savings without handoffs.

  • Making Super Utilizers Just Utilizers

    Cartesian Solutions, Inc. assists clients in reducing high service use by coupling integrated behavioral and medical service delivery, financial support for integrated services, and integrated case management into a health stabilizing and cost saving package.

  • Getting from Pre-ACA to Post-ACA

    Prior to and since passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Cartesian Solutions, Inc. has assisted diverse clients transform organizational business practices from volume-based to value-based services and service support.


  • Analyses—Behavioral Health Impact on Total Population Health and Cost

    Analyses use a client’s own total medical and behavioral care delivery and health cost data to answer critical questions about the current effectiveness of the client’s business practices in achieving its population health and cost goals for constituents with and without concurrent medical and behavioral conditions.

  • ICM Training—Adult and Pediatric Integrated Case Management

    ICM Training provides case managers and supporting physicians with the knowledge base and skills needed to deploy adult and pediatric high intensity integrated case management customized to client venues and the ability to collaborate in achieving improved employee, enrollee, member, or patient outcomes.

Definition of Industry Terms

This website uses a number of terms that, in the broader context of the health care system, can have different meanings for various readers.  For clarification, we have provided several definitions on our Frequently Asked Questions page to help those viewing the website understand how Cartesian Solutions, Inc.™ intends the terms to be understood. Visit the FAQ now >>

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